Wasted grace

Do we waste grace?

Do we fail to accept God’s love for us?

Are we wasting our opportunity to love and serve?

Seems fairly simple but I believe that in our churches, bible classes, and small groups all around – we are spending time on traditions within our walls and missing the opportunity to be Jesus to others.

And we are wasting His grace because we are getting caught up in service order, who leads the service, how many songs we sing, what people can wear, who can pray – and the list goes on and on. We spend a great deal of time figuring out the logistics of church services and not even the same amount of time in service to others. Church has become a place to experience – a place to be a part of a production – a place to visit with others (my personal favorite) and while all of that has a place – it cannot be the end result of our love for Jesus and others.

I heard a preacher say that the worst statement someone can make to him is “I love you but I don’t love your ….. or I don’t love that you are ….” and the list can go on and on. We say those statement way too often. We tell others that we love them based on what we think is right and wrong – based on our moral compass. In reality loving someone is just loving someone.

We are wasting grace when we define our love in such a way that fails to just accept and honor the person – even in the tough times. And we all are guilty. But Jesus sets a different example for us. There is story after story recorded in the Bible that shows us that Jesus cared for the person – loved the person – sought to encourage the person to love.

Just love. And love without our own personal moral compass as the judge. Just love the other person. Find a way to not waste grace.

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