7 Days of Grace

So – there are 7 days until a significant Grace event will occur.

Day 1 – Sunday (today) – 7 until – We found 7 generations of my birth mother’s family when we went searching for my birth parents. Even though I did not find this article until today – the article about the 10 Powerful Life Lessons from The Alchemist – is an excellent read to summarize this journey.


Day 2 – Monday – 6 until – My grandmother had 6 children. Knowing she had six children was the key to finding my birth mother. I knew about the six from my redacted adoption file. We found my Grandmother’s obituary – read the survivors – only found 5 and I was devastated. Only to re-read and realize that my Grandmother had lost a child before her death. It was at that very moment that I found my birth mother.

Day 3 – Tuesday – 5 until – There were 5 guests in my home the night that birth mother called me. My husband is an elder and we had five church members in our home that night. If you read the grace4greta.blogspot.com post on this day you can read the story of how I contacted my birth mother and then how she contacted me.

Day 4 – Wednesday – 4 until

Day 5 – Thursday – 3 until

Day 6 – Friday – 2 until

Day 7 – Saturday – 1 until

This will be updated as the events are recorded – this site will be dedicated to the generic (for lack of a better word) concerning the events. The site where things are tied together and perhaps a spot to consider the events and how they relate to Grace. (The detailed story will be on the “Original Grace” blog and social media outlets.)

It will be obvious for some – but hopefully the specifics will find their way into hearts that could use a fresh perspective on Grace.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you …. Ezekiel 26:36

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